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As a business our aim is to redefine moments with friends, whether that’s when you’re playing one of our unique games, discovering bespoke interior design details, or sitting at one of our glorious bars taking in the atmosphere. The disco phone box was the epitome of that. We wanted to create more social moments for friends by combining our love of integrating cool technology with traditional British items. What better way to create a new moment with friends, than by turning a now largely disused item, into a new hub of joy, ready to discover, in Flight Club Victoria?


This project saw our team come together on a challenge not tackled before, facing unexpected hurdles that required some of our best tech know-how. There were three steps to reaching our goal:

  1. Finding the phone box. Having sourced the right phone box and arranging its delivery, it required shutting down a road to be craned into our venue on the 2nd floor.
  2. Where 1 really means 1 BT phone boxes have their own circuitry and set up in order to work. Our team reverse engineered this to simplify the system. Next, the team retrofitted a computer and made it compatible for a digital jukebox, then connected this to our AV system.
  3. Adele, is that you? Music is integral to our experience, so the phone box was to be no different. We started with a playlist related to the theme of ‘calling’. Then we added an extra hidden meaning; the reason behind the number choice for each song. We’ll reveal one: Drake’s Hotline bling is number 118 because that’s how many weeks he spent in the top 10 with that song.

What better way to create a new moment with friends, than by turning a now largely disused item, into a new hub of joy


From its first day as part of Flight Club Victoria in November 2018, the disco phone box has brought incredible amounts of joy to our customers. Queues are seen for it on Saturday nights, competitions for how many friends you can fit in it, guessing the meanings behind song choices, and submissions sent for the call list have all been amazing to see and an unexpected bonus. We never set out to create social or ‘instagrammable’ moments in our venues, but sometimes the venues just can’t help it. The phone box is a shining example of this on social.

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