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Our goal is to remain spectacular in everything that we do, working to draw more people to enjoy our venues each and every day. In order to remain competitive in our offering, using our unique technology to further enhance our guest experience we developed the concept of Action Replay and Stories at Flight Club and Electric Shuffle.

Something we’re incredibly proud of is how little time our guests spend on their phones when they join us, they’re so caught up in the moment and gameplay that they rarely look at their phones, which is fantastic, but can also mean they don’t capture as many moments to share with friends. Action Replay and Stories aimed to do that; to serve as a reminder for the time spent with friends in our venues worldwide, to share eternal bragging rights, but also a subtle marketing opportunity to share on social media with friends.

Word of mouth is one of our biggest referrers, so creating a further add on for our guests provided them with a unique memory, as well as the opportunity to help further tell our story felt like the ultimate opportunity.

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This was an incredibly complex and ambitious project. Working across numerous teams; technology, gaming development, creative and marketing, the teams had to establish which were the key gaming moments to capture (winning, overtakes, ‘killing’ someone, or a high score), how to record them, how to package the results, content and highlights together, and then what the Story received looked like; essentially creating a new social media platform, delivering a guests’ unique timeline of their time with us. These Stories then had to be easy to use and ultimately, share.

A project 18 months in the making, the team first started with the games themselves, seeking out key reaction moments for Flight Club and Electric Shuffle guests. We wanted to capture the joy and elation, but also the frustration when games do or don’t go your way. This had to be tested to see how frequently these triggers would work, so that it was a pleasant surprise, not repetitive, but also possible to achieve!

Once this was completed, the team had to solve for packaging this content up, quickly, so we were able to deliver it to our guests’ inboxes the morning after our booking. And of course, it had to look great. The teams spent a lot of time looking at user experience, which way we swipe, how we want to share, and how easy Stories were to navigate.

Thousands of hours went into this project, and one of the biggest challenges was finding a willing video sharing site that would accept hundreds of high res uploads per day!

Stories and Action Replay provide our customers with the highlights and memories from their times with us, delivered within 24 hours of their booking, allowing us to harness our technology and innovation in a new and exciting way.


An industry leading product, combining our patented peerless technology, with content creation and distribution, on average 1,500 Stories are now shared every day globally.