with friends,

Who we are

A collective of brave, insatiably curious, joy creators.

Hello, we are Red Engine, the team behind the award winning global brands Flight Club and Electric Shuffle.

We're obsessed with disrupting the hospitality industry by creating and delivering the best possible experience - across all venues, products and Brands.

What we do

Everything we achieve is created through the lens of excellence and astonishment.

We are an end to end in-house development team, collaborating to build new concepts, breath-taking venues, new games and joyous content.

We build venues that have their own beautiful personalities, peerless experience and earn outrageous loyalty from anyone looking for that perfect moment with friends.


We don’t just work with people: we work with dreamers, artists, rocket scientists, content curators, forward thinkers and the industry’s finest. Each one of us fight the ordinary; we are insatiably curious about what Red Engine can be.

We’re passionate about what we do and we strive to be experts in our respective fields, bringing joy across each of our concepts.

What we believe in

Working together as a collective is how we do our best work:


Our edge is our innovation – we stay one step ahead because we are always looking to invent and improve.


We’re not like other workplaces – there’s no need to hold back here. We’re full throttle, high energy, total commitment.


We’re all about people. A fundamental part of our customers having fun is us being welcoming, hospitable and attentive.


We work with each other and support each other; we win together, and we lose together.

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We’re passionate about as many people enjoying our concepts as possible, so are always looking to meet the right partners to help us achieve this.

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Red Engine was built by friends, for friends. Whilst we’re eager to get as many people enjoying our concepts, the fit has to be right.

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