Case study



With the launch of our second concept Electric Shuffle, our first venue had to set the tone for what we were: surprisingly competitive, delightfully immersive and outrageously thrilling. This didn’t apply just to the games, but to every detail within the venue. The aim was to create intrigue throughout. As with Flight Club venue, we pride ourselves on the detail applied throughout. Electric Shuffle was to be no different, not only taking a lightning rod to the game of shuffleboard, but also its features. With the control panel we wanted to build a machine that felt alive. It was to be elegant, colourful and joyful, ready for customers to be surprised by and interact with, whilst giving a nod to the inspiration behind the concept, science and creativity.


We brought together our in-house teams and expert partners to tackle a multitude of challenges featuring bespoke fabrication, off site construction, control wiring and light programming using electrical and mechanical specialists to take on the task of building a seemingly living control panel that had never been seen before. There was a three-step process to the plan:

we wanted to build a machine that felt alive. It was to be elegant, colourful and joyful


It lives and it’s very much alive! The control panel is one of the first features you see when you enter our spectacular venue. It never stops. It catches customers off-guard with seemingly random flashes of light across the expanse of the area it brings to life. With hundreds of switches and buttons to flick, it teases at additional surprises, which for those who dare press the ‘do not touch’ red button, lights up the whole panel bringing interactivity and joy to those watching.

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