Case study

Launching Flight Club on a global scale


Each venue sees thousands of hours of preparation and care go into it, to ensure that we bring unexpected, ridiculous, joy to each location in new ways. We won’t do copy and paste. Each venue has its own personality and that was to be no different with our first international venue, Flight Club Chicago.
The goal was to launch a partnership venue that had the same look and feel, technological understanding, branding, staff training and marketing as any other Flight Club, and to ensure that we as a team supported the successful launch of our international partners’ first venue.


We assessed each of our business functions (marketing, technology, operations, brand and interior design) compiling comprehensive guidelines over a two year period, that would enable any international partner to know exactly what a Flight Club should look, feel and sound like.

We built a detailed architecture which meant digging into who we are, by documenting and reverse engineering our processes. When we started out, a lot we just ‘did’, so we had to pick apart the steps to create a framework for people to use in the future, that was appropriate for both sides to implement. We were passionate that this wouldn’t be one sided; there’s always more to learn, and we want any partnership to be a collaborative experience.
In these guidelines we covered:

The guidelines included assets we deemed core to who we are, and other areas of guidance and best practice.

  1. How we build and operate a venue: every detail matters, from the first door opened, to where you sit and play, to how the team say goodbye
  2. How we run the business: including day to day operations, technology and games checklists, keeping venues looking spectacular, marketing projects as well as full brand launch campaigns

We were passionate that this wouldn’t be one sided; there’s always more to learn, and we want any partnership to be a collaborative experience


Our first international partner Flight Club Chicago launched to rave reviews and goes from strength to strength, proving that darts doesn’t have to be part of an area’s heritage for people to love it. The local market is notoriously tough to crack, so this was incredible to see.

The partnership is a continuous source of learning, in a positive way. What one person thinks is clear, another may not, and it’s a testament to the relationships established that we’re able to positively progress and learn together. Each market is unique, and we will only work with those who are as passionate and enthusiastic as we are.