Case study

Relive moments of joy with action replay


One guest’s winning shot celebration brings out another’s ‘bad-at-losing’ smile. We wanted to push the boundaries of our technology and how guests interact with the Social Darts experience, by developing an action replay feature that could amplify the excitement and emotion in these key game moments.

By capturing a player’s throw, the flight of the dart and the full spectrum of reactions across the group in the oche; our technology would stitch together these shots and display them on the game-screen as an action replay for the group to enjoy at the broadcast television speed of under a second.


Innovation on this scale takes immense collaboration. Over 12 months, our talented in-house team of animators, vision specialists, game artists and coders embarked on a master project, made up of four key elements:

  1. Integration of a commercial-grade camera system; ready to seize moments of joy for our customers to enjoy as part of the game.
  2. Capturing, encoding and transferring player videos; our customer’s privacy is paramount, so protecting these moments was pivotal to the success of the project.
  3. CGI reconstruction of the darts flight, to real photo quality; what better way to relive the moment then to start at the beginning – the second the dart left the player’s hand.
  4. Storyboard and compiling; the look and feel of action replays had to fit with our style and add to customer’s experience further, by bringing more drama and delight.

As well as mastering new approaches to technical architecture, code and animation, our team built state-of-the-art, proprietary software from scratch to complete each stage.

Innovation on this scale takes immense collaboration


Since the launch of the action replay feature across our venues, its impact on the Social Darts experience has been evident and significant.
Elevating the thrill of key game moments has inspired guests to engage with our technology in a new way – preparing for and adding style to their shots, especially if they’re on track to top the leaderboard with a winning throw. They make sure they celebrate in style.

Success in this project has also, therefore, promoted our ongoing business goal to ensure customers have a spectacular experience, one that keeps them coming back.

As an industry-first, the action replay feature is not only an important USP for potential customers, who consider Flight Club the destination of choice for shared social experiences, but also positions us as front-runner of innovation, disrupting both the hospitality and technology industries that our business straddles.