Case study

Taking Flight Club to the neighbourhoods


Our goal with our venues is to redefine moments with friends. Bringing groups together for the best experience possible. Our largest, Flight Club Victoria hosts up to 650 people at once, and so with Flight Club Islington our goal was to bring joy in a smaller, cosier and more intimate format. A challenge we hadn’t taken on before.

We wanted to explore whether a smaller version of what we do would still feel the same, maintaining the look, feel and atmosphere of any its sister venues before it.

It may be smaller in size, but the experience had to be just as incredible, so Flight Club Islington was brought to life, our new neighbourhood version of Flight Club.


We looked at every single detail that goes into making a Flight Club. How we make larger spaces feel intimate, how we design and build our venues to break them down, so you never have a wide-open expanse - our customers are always led to discover more, with moments to explore throughout. We wanted Flight Club Islington to feel like a local, and the design and property teams used their skills acquired from six previous venue launches to fine tune what makes a Flight Club, a Flight Club.

This was our first venue which was designed and developed completely in-house. We went bigger on the details, whether that was bespoke paintings, interior design delights, sumptuous soft furnishings, or a variety of textures and beautiful greenery to bring the outdoors inside. We developed a vision of all of our favourite pieces to bring our ambitious project to life.


It may be smaller in size, but Flight Club Islington in no way delivers a smaller experience. From the first step through the bespoke tiled doorway you know you’re in a Flight Club. There are nods to the neighbourhood throughout with bespoke murals, paintings, a stunning orangery, multi-level seating, as well as of course our classic oches.